Osama Nassar

Country: Syrian Arab Republic
Nationality: Syrian
Company: nassar art gallery


2007 Graduate of Damascus University of Faculty of Fine Arts.

Work Experiences:

 2008: Participated in a workshop at the center of plastic arts in Syria with Adham.

           Participated in an exhibition organized by the Student Union, Damascus - Syria.
           Participated in an exhibition for young artists in Aleppo - Syria.

2009 participated in an work shop in fine art  faculty with my friends.

2009 participated in an exhibition for artists in( khan Assad Basha) in old  damascus.

2011 participated in a workshop for gifted students under the auspices of the Dutch embassy in Damascus for people with special needs and the elderly in  the work of Pop Art.



2011 I worked in the field of graphic Desegn for three years

2011 I painted the huge paintings of the drama Schumann at the Festival Theatre in the Opera House in Damascus.

2011 I Worked in the field of interior design.

2011 I designed many of the fashion drama presented at the United Arab Emirates.

2011 I painted the maps and flags of the historical series, including series(Qaqaa) and (Salma)

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