Eman Aljishi

Country: Saudi Arabia
Nationality: Saudi


Eman Mohammed Saeed Al-Jishi Curriculum Data: - Born in Qatif, Saudi Arabia. - Bachelor degree in Geography from Arts College, Dammam. - Member of the Plastic Art – Qatif Social Services Center. - Founding member of Women Artist Forum – Qatif Social Services Center. - Founding member of Women’s Charitable Giving Society. - Founding member of the Saudi Society for Plastic Arts (JSVET). - Member of Al-Jouf Plastic Arts Group. - Member of Sami Mohammed Fine Art Group, Kuwait. Training Courses: - Many Courses on Oil and Water painting with different techniques, Qatif Social Service Services Center. - Many Courses on Arabic Calligraphy ( Diwani, Thuluth,). - Light Photography course. - analyzing lines graphic and children drawings course. - The Anesthetic taste Theory and the technical work of Art evaluation course. - Handicapped art materials teaching course . - Graphic Art Workshop. Activities: - Chair Person of the women Artist Forum, Social Services Center, Qatif. - Teaching different type of plastic arts for all age groups. - Designed the logo of Qatif Charitable Kindergarten. - Gained many medals and certificate of gratitude. - Many individual Acquisitions. - Has Acquisition in Eastern Region Chamber of Commerce. - Permanent Exhibition in her own gallery. - Won Third place in the plastic art competition 2011 - Won Third place in the competition of acquisition for small art works 2011 - Won Third place in the Contemporary Islamic Art 2011. - Won Third place in the 22nd Saudi Contemporary . Participations From 1415: - Many Exhibition in Saudi Arabia ( Qatif, Dammam, Riyadh, Taif, Khafji, Khobar, abha,Jeddah). - Exhibition abroad (Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco ,emirates,London,Qatar,India,Kazakhstan). Personal Exhibitions: - The first personal exhibition Qatif Social Services Center 2005. - The personal exhibition at Foad Center in Khobar 2006. - The personal Exhibition at Gallery Shada in Riyad2006. - Group Exhibition at Jeddah Atelier of the Arts 2009. - The personal exhibition (roa) Qatif social services Center 2010. - The personal exhibition(afak hrofia)in Gallery Dama art in Jeddah 2011.

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