Hassan Baydoun

Country: Lebanon
Nationality: Lebanese
Company: Mosaic artist


Hassan Baydoun is a Lebanese Mosaic artist born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1945. He was raised in an environment conductive to various cultures and civilizations. He grew up in Beirut, a cosmopolitan city that was the cross point of the East and West. He grew up in a pious family that had its first imprints on his love to Quran, Quran verses and Arabic calligraphy. Ever since his childhood, he displayed artistic talent vivid in his early love for drawing and painting. After high school, he wanted to study arts, his innate passion. However, his family wanted him to take on responsibility in and carry on with the family business in Textile import and export that was booming at that time. Therefore, he had to put his dreams aside and succumbed to his family’s wishes. He worked in textiles for over 30 years, developing the business and taking it to new grounds. He had great success in the textile world, partly because it needed the taste of an artist in mixing and matching colors and fabrics and in creating fashion in the textile industry. During his work, he toured Europe and the Far East where he had hands on experience with Western and Eastern civilizations. His artistic passion started surfacing gradually. He began collecting art works and antiques from both ends of the world. His passion intensified after his frequent visits to Italy where he had close contact with the art of mosaics and with mosaic artists in Ravenna, Venice, Rome, Florence and Udine. His long dormant passion started finally to materialize in simple mosaic projects that he did amid his busy business life. Mosaics to Hassan Baydoun started as a hobby, and gradually his work and techniques developed gradually till they reached a highly sophisticated and professional level. During this time he started working on Arabic calligraphy and Islamics. Quran versed were beautifully represented in fine mosaic masterpieces. It could be said that very few artists in both the Islamic and Arab words took on this specialty in mosaics. Now after 20 years in the world of mosaics, his work encompasses a wide range of Islamic, classical, contemporary and three-dimensional works.

Islamic: Wa Bashir al Sabereena
Islamic: Allahouma innak
Islamic: Subhana Allah
Islamic: Inna al moutakeena
Islamic: Youati al hekma
Islamic: Wa kol Rabi
Islamic: Wa amma binehmati
Islamic: Bismilahi
Islamic: wa Amma man Khafa
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