Samar Habayeb

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian
Company: Silsal


Samar Habayeb is the CEO and Creative Director of Silsal, a leading regional company focused on modern Arabic art. Silsal has two design and production divisions: Silsal Designs, which focuses on modern Islamic furniture, and Silsal Ceramics which focuses on high-end hand-made functional ceramic artwork. Samar’s furniture design collection, currently on display, combines traditional motifs with modern materials and colors. Functionality complements the elaborate beauty of each piece. Samar challenges conventions of furniture design. Her work revives classical elements, breathing into them new life and imagination. Individual Arabic letters are carved, engraved, or imprinted on modern table surfaces. In one piece, disparate, elegant pillars make their way through a uniting layer of glass; in another, a simple wooden framework embraces a traditional Arabic plate, creating the illusion of levitation. Creative problem solving is, according to Samar, the most challenging and exciting part of her work. She juggles the practical opportunities and limitations of each medium, and marries different materials through innovative designs. Samar was born in Amman in 1984. She earned her undergraduate degree in architectural design and economics from Tufts University and her graduate degree in ceramic design from the University of Wales Institute at Cardiff.

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