Saddam Al Jumaily

Country: Iraq
Nationality: Iraqi


Saddam Jumaily Basra, 1974 Painter and designer Iraq / Basra - Master of Fine Arts Branch of the drawing / 2005. - Teaching in the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Basra. - Member of Association of Fine Iraqis. - Member of the Union of Iraqi Writers. - Member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate. - Worked as a painter in the Iraqi newspapers. Exhibitions: - (Palm to Azmar) exhibition, Zamwa Gallery. - (Colored holidays) exhibition with some of the Arab artists, Foresight Art gallery, Amman 2011. - Participated in Amman First Drawing Symposium, the Jordanian Ministry of Culture. Orient Hall 2011. - Participated many exhibitions of contemporary Iraqi art. - Worked as an editor for the arts page in Al-Manarah Iraqi newspaper during the period ( 2003-2008). - Worked as a painter in Dubai Cultural Magazine, UAE since 2006. - Designed several covers of books issued in Iraq and other Arab countries, and posters for newspapers and festivals. - Designed a set of decorations of the play to the Iraqi theater festivals. - Personal Exhibition (Home Songs) at Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, 2011. Awards: - Received the country Promotional Prize of the Ministry of Culture for décor 2001. -Award for professional youth in Ishtar annual competition for youth - Association of Fine Iraqi Baghdad 2008. Research and studies: - Wrote many of the studies and articles in several Arab and Iraqi magazines and newspapers. - Under printing (the effectiveness of the aesthetic discourse: Applications in the formation of Iraq). - Manuscript. (visual openness of the text) to examine the interpenetration of Fine Arts.

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