Abeer Ayash

Country: United Arab Emirates
Nationality: Lebanese


My passion with art in general and painting in specific was an innate fact that materialized as I was experiencing and experimenting with the materials that spoke to my heart. I started painting ever since I can remember and I was captivated by the transparency of colors and the dynamic soul movement that it creates in stillness. Color is the manifestation of energy, and is a living breathing moving agent that affects directly on the living environment. Understanding the power of energy and having the knowledge of how to use it skillfully, I was able to connect to that metaphysical dimensions where light and color are born, and I made it my joy to bring it into my world of reality. As a healing artist, not only do I channel the realms of the unknown, but also able to connect to the inner being of the individual, to the essence of his/her soul and paint it. Since color is energy, and the body is just a vibration of energy, every time a person will look at the soul painting, the vibration and composting of the colors will create a balanced, healed and transformed state of being. At that moment, art becomes infinite, art becomes life.

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