Fadila Madouh

Country: Kuwait
Nationality: Kuwaiti


Fadila Faisal Madouh is a Fashion Designer  (Born April 24, 1982 ) in Jeddah, KSA to a Kuwaiti father and Saudi mother.  Earned a B.A in fashion design and merchandising from Virginia commonwealth university school of the arts in Doha, Qatar 2003. During study years Fadila  has received 3  VCU prestigious Golden Needle Awards. And has done a research internship in  Milan, Italy  at the most influential Italian fashion houses (Prada, Dolce&Gabbana;, Roberto Cavalli, and Versace) which gained her experience and was the deciding factor for her to work as a fashion buyer after graduation. In 2004 Fadila worked in exclusive fashion trade fairs & expos in Paris, Milan, And Madrid  as a Fashion Director/ Buyer for A'mal fashion company in Kuwait. Recently launched her first fashion line FUSTANIUM. Which is a  contemporary transformation of the ottoman imperial style.  It is a unique collection of ethnic inspired outfits. And mixing casual chic with romantic sophistication.

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