Latifa Yousef

Country: Egypt
Nationality: Palestinian


Nationality: Palestinian

Date of birth: 1948

Artistic Education Diploma (Ramallah, Palestine) 1967.
General Secondary 1965 (Two languages, Arabic and English)
Career Grades

Consultant at the Cultural and Media Center, Embassy of the Palestinian state in Cairo.
Second Secretary at the Permanent Representation of the State of Palestine with the Arab League, 2002 until now.
Representative  of the  Palestinian Ministry of Culture at the Embassy of the State of Palestine – Cairo 1997 – 2001.
In Charge of the Division of (Beautification of the Environment) at the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, Ramallah, 96-1997.
Palestinian Radio and  Television Authority, Ramallah, 1994-1996.
In Charge of Fairs in the Culture Division – Tunis , 1991-1994.
Fine Arts Teacher in Bahrain and Qatar, 1967 – 1990.
Member at

Member at the General Federation for the Arab Visual Artists
Member of the Palestinian General Federation Visual Artists.
Cairo Gallery Member of Artists and Press Authors.
Member of the Future Community for the Arab Visual Art.
Member at Artists for Peace.
Member at Artists Without Limits
Contribution to Collective Exhibitions

Bahrain, 1968 – 1969.
Qatar, 1972 – 1975 – 1980 – 1983 – 1985 – 1987.
Abu Dhabi, 1987.
Tunis, 1988.
Cairo, 1989.Cairo Third International Pinalli, 1989.
Amman, Jordan, 1991.
Ashpelia International Fair(Spain) 1992.
Alexandria International Seventeenth Pinalli, 1991 (Commission Agent at Palestine Wing), The Feminine Innovation Fair, Tunis, The Culture Division – 1992. Cairo Fourth International Pinalli, (Commission Agent at Palestine Wing). Sharja International Pinalli.
Alexandria International Eighteenth Pinalli, 1994 (Commission Agent at Palestine Wing ), Bab Sewaika (Feminine Innovation, March 1994.
Representative of the Tunisian Saloon, 1995.
Carthage 1993 – Tunis (Mail Art)
Italy, 1994 (Mail Art)
Holland 1995 (Mail Art)
Al Wasta Center, Jerusalem 1997.
Zeriab Hall, Ramallah.
Pinalli Bangladesh 1997.
Cairo Pinalli 1998 (Commission Agent of Palestine Wing).
Alexandria Pinalli 1999 (Commission Agent of Palestine Wing).
Cairo Saloon Gallery 2000.
Cairo Eighth Pinalli 2001.
Fair of "Jerusalem is the Capital of Arabs" – Hanager – Cairo 2001.
Arab Artists Fair for supporting the uprising 2003.
The Feminine Innovation – Arts Palace – Opera House 2001.
A Fair for supporting the uprising – Maadi Sports Club 2002.
Artists for Peace – Budapest 2003.
Artists for Peace – Solnouk – Hungary 2003.
Heliopolis Saloon Club 2003.
Alexandria Pinalli 2003.
Heliopolis Saloon Club 2004.
Artists for Peace, Cairo – Journalists Syndicate 2004.
Alexandria Pinalli, December, 2005.
Heliopolis Saloon Club 2006.
Arab Artists, The Arab League, October 2006.
Rabat, 2007.
The Cultural Center, Ein Helwan 2009.
March Portrait Hall, 2009.
June Portrait Hall, 2009.
Pinalli of the Cultural Nile Channel with the Fourth Fall Saloon, 2009.
Exhibition of the Palestine Culture Day – Elshaaer House – Elmoez Street.
Fair of the Emerging of the Palestinian Uprising – Sakyet El Sawi – 2010.
The Fair of the General Federation of the Arab Lawyers – 2010.
Cairo Gallery Saloon, 2010.
The French Fall Saloon – 2010.

Special Fairs
Doha Qatar – 1974.
Doha – Qatar – 1983.
Doha – Qatar – 1984.
Tunis (Eltaher Haddad Club Hall) 1991.
Spain (Motreill) 1992.
Cairo Gallery 1992.
The Universal Cultural Center – Tunis, 1993.
Tunis (The Culture House( Kabes) 1993.
Cairo Gallery 1994.
Tunis (Bab Swaika) 1994.
The Royal Cultural Center (Amman, Jordan) 1994.
The Universal Cultural Center – Tunis, Elmensteer, 1994.
Palestine,( the Popular Art Center – Ramallah – Elbeera), 1997.
The American University, Cairo 2002.
Budapest – the Hall of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture 2003.
Sakyet Elsawi – Cairo 2003.
The Future Bookshop, 2005.
The American University, Cairo 2006.
The Egyptian Cultural Center for Foreign Cultural Relations 2007.
The Arts Academy, Warsaw, Budapest 2008
Qaser bashtak – cairo -2012


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