Mothanna Al Obaydi

Country: Iraq
Nationality: Iraqi


Education degree in chemical science, Baghdad University, Iraq (1990-1995)   

Language: English (Fluent), French, Arabic Language (Mother tongue)

Date & place of Birth: Feb .12th 1972-Iraq

·         Administrative Board member of Assembly of Iraqi  calligraphers

·         Member of the  Iraqi  chemists union

·         Worked in Presidential office  in Iraq(1996-2001)as a artist designer

·         Worked in designing the Large mosques in Iraq & the Ministries of state

·         Studied the Arabic calligraphic since 1983 &  gain the first license from (Baghdadian artist school)



·         Warded  a prize at Sharjah  Biennial for Arabic calligraphy (third  & forth cycle) at 2007

·         (Alburda) Golden award in Abu Dhabi in calligraphy in 2009

·         Awarded the golden award for classic Islamic art in the  al Sharjah international festival for Islamic art in 2009

·         (Okaz) golden award in Al sudia for Islamic art 2010.

·         Award certificate in traditional calligraphy in Al Doha international Islamic art in 2010

·         Award certificate of appreciation in  Dubai International  Islamic art at 2008

·          award  creativity prize for the Iraqi  Art at 1999

·         awarded the golden award in Islamic art in the international form for Islamic art in Syria at 2008

·         awarded the first prize in Islamic art  in the fourth contest at 1998 in Istanbul

·         Teach Islamic art in Baghdad from 1998 to 2001

·         He was awarded specialization prize from Religious affairs ministry(1987)in calligraphic & hand drawing


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