Nadia Dajani

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian
Company: Al-Bareeq jewelry trading Co.


Nadia Dajani When Jewellery Speaks of Love and Peace Having studied architecture at University College London, Nadia Dajani shifted her design skills from the larger to the smaller scale, to make intricate and original pieces of jewellery. A workshop was set up in Amman, where local Jordanian girls were trained in jewellery-making, and now produce items to the highest standard, using precious metals and semi-precious stones. Nadia’s passion for jewellery design brought rise to a distinctive style of unique pieces, many of which are influenced by Jordanian culture and tradition. These exclusive pieces became statements as they represented traditional stories and heritage in a modern way, thereby establishing a contemporary Jordanian style in jewellery, at the same time as promoting the ‘Made in Jordan’ label as the jewellery is exhibited in cities across the world. Nadia Dajani’s Jewellery is made entirely in Jordan, and is currently showcased at the ‘Nadia Dajani’ flagship store, located at the Intercontinental Hotel Amman, Jordan as well as in several outlets throughout the Kingdom. The Store acts as a gallery as it is continuously transformed each time Nadia's new creations are displayed and a new collection is introduced. Nadia has showcased her original art pieces in several local and international exhibitions, notably in the UK and the USA. Her latest participation at the International Jewellery Fair in London (IJL 2006) was very well received; as a result of which other exhibitions were scheduled, and the jewellery was exhibited by several stores throughout the UK. The spirit embodied in the jewellery is a blend of East and West. The re-discovery of Jordan on her relocation to the country led her to express her identity yet again: as a modern Jordanian woman. Working with different materials, following fashion trends yet retaining a strong link with cultural dimension in design, the collections are named authentically to reflect their inspiration: Salam (peace), the Flowers of the Desert, the Islamic Illumination, the Roman Collection, and the Jerash Fish Collection, among many others. In order to explain the message further to her audience, a small text accompanies each item of jewellery, at the same time giving a hint of the many stories of her country’s culture and heritage. Seeking to convey the values of peace and love through her art pieces, Nadia presents her ‘Salam’ collection to the world, from an area where political unrest and turmoil prevail. Her creations feature symbolic and inspirational designs, and use the wealth of Arabic calligraphy depicting words such as peace, happiness, friendship, dignity, truth, tolerance, hope and justice. The words are intended to bring spiritual comfort to those who wear them, and act as a reminder of the basic values and principles that are important to all mankind, as they spread all over the world from Jordan. Having established a unique style of jewelry making and becoming a sought-after name as a designer of original pieces, Nadia says a good academic and cultural knowledge in the area of specialization is an essential tool for success. She says women seeking to establish independence and success must have faith in themselves and in their capabilities and talents, and foremost, must not despair and should always be optimistic. Through this exercise many Jordanians and non-Jordanians alike are fascinated. It is a way in which the rich culture and history of Jordan is told through jewellery, an expression of the modern Jordanian woman, a blend of modernity, and pride in traditional culture and roots.

Good Health and Friendship Earrings
Happiness Cufflinks
Hand of Fatima Bracelet
Masha'Allah Necklace on Leather
Good Health and Wellbeing Necklace
Arabesque Shower Earrings
Glory, Wisdom and Prosperity Earrings
Baby Pin Brooch
Arabesque Ring
Classic Masha'Allah Necklace
Masha'Allah Necklace
Arabesque Bracelet with Button Pearl
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