Yasmeen Alawneh

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian


“RENDERING WITH INK AND PEN" is the book I used to learn drawing from when I was teenager, that book enhanced my abilities and boosted me to study ARCHITECTURE at Jordan University.
Five years of intensive DRAWING COURSES sharpened my skills and gave rise to a general  SENSE OF ART AND STYLES.
 However, the truth is FASHION DESIGN till a couple of years was something for enjoyment in time of boredom, but when I won the competition of "BEST DESIGN OF CHOIR'S FASHION" at JU I started to look more seriously to fashion design, not only because drawing is MY HOBBY...
but because I use it to derive FAIR, COMFORTABLE and ELEGANT environment to wrap the person.


Embroidered White & Blue Dress
Traditional Embroidered Dress
Casual Blue Jacket
Classic Short Dress
White Wedding Dress
Off-White Slim Fit Dress
Peach & White Dress
Everyday Pink Dress
Casual Occasion White Dress
Night Dress

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