Abdelraouf Al Ajouri

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian


Born in Gaza City in 1977, Abdel Raouf Al Ajouri began his career as an artist in 1993. Since then he has taken part in a multitude of art exhibitions and events. His artistic practice suggests influence of expressionism, and has explored the realms of contemporary sculpture.

His artworks have been part of numerous group exhibitions in Switzerland, France, UK, Jordan, UAE, and Egypt.

Abdel Raouf Al Ajouri takes us with this series of portraits to the essence: a moving nudity, spared of deception, spared of ornaments. It is through the flesh that he tells the story of these creatures suffocated by a closed universe in which time is of different duration. The faces, enclosed in their own features, do not allow indifference. They are a possibility for a journey, a wandering in a land woven with emotions, where paths are determined by the brush strokes.

With masterful control of color in his canvases, Al Ajouri has successfully nurtured his characters. They dramatize and appear to embody apparent fragility, but also suggest the artist’s ability to play with irony. Solitary or in groups, they play a mischievous game of seduction with the spectator, requesting a look that promises the coming of a more serene existence. Children or adults, the matter they are made of is affection, dressed in tones of light rosy orange and shades of mauve. Very often, in a flash of suggestive resistance, they hold in their hands what seems to be an award, an old flower colored with hope illuminating their faces.

By sharing his visions and his world, Al Ajouri exposes his complicity with stories of life told in colors, resonating with whispered emotions. And as for us, we should listen carefully and accept this flower with joy and content.

By Nicole Pfund,French Artist.

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