Abdul Ameer Alwan

Country: United States
Nationality: Iraqi


Born in Iraq in 1955. Member Of Art and Iraqi Artist Union. He Make Up Eleven Personal Exhibition His Works Are Distripuel In Many World Countries The Iraqi artist Abdul Amir Alwan is one of the most prolific artists, He mocks his portrait to record manifestations of humanity to record manifestations of humanity as well as monitoring the place to refer cases to the optical memory based magic realism based on the color of the similarity of the great weather and a sense of the slave-General of the place. Diversifies Alwan in the methods and materials of color in the subjects drawn from the living nature silent and humanitarian topics different and it is stems from the privacy of his country of Iraq and the diversity of its regions, and portrays it in a way documentaries or realistic and sometimes graphical or derives some of its themes of the events that went to Iraq and reflecting on the visual scene that emerged in all its austere, while he portrays Pegraúbah some humanitarian calamities next to portray the popular movement, as well as scenes of nature as a kind of daily documentation. Alwan Mhhdyate addresses the overall color and oily water and other materials and that the diversity of the scene and try to record as much of the aesthetics of the place in Mesopotamia and the rituals of daily life as well as simple and carefree, which are absent now. Alwan and the artist depends on realistic topics, from here keen on the appearance of the detailed painting Aatth Iraqi identity features as well as imaging of the Secretary of the scene where chasing details and check on the presence of everything, including that he deals with a place still exists now and to the pulse of the people. Drafting and when the artist Alwan variety trends, but it passes the brightness intelligently expressive humanitarian issue which is not without a sense of humanitarian and interpretation Almitholgi. Paintings reveal a sense of Alwan for high Boukhama color depending on its nature, and is aware of where or Hviva be accumulated according reach the optical or the austere atmosphere of the subject was popular or poor human and sometimes Mtmahea romantic character, especially if the correlation with the theme of women. Alwan did not want the artist to move away significantly from the assets of painting with the technical requirements and to devotion to his art and to the cause of his country and also did not want to hide the place of Iraq, and fled to a platform abstraction of originality.

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