Adel Rasheed

Country: Iraq
Nationality: Iraqi


Education and qualifications Graduated from the institute of fine art – Baghdad Graduated from the college of fine art – Baghdad member of Iraqi plastic artists society member of Iraqi plastic artists union ـ Participation . Babylon festival exhibition . collective exhibition in museum gallery- al solimanya . the first exhibition of artists cyclopedia . sculpture exhibition in madarat gallery . most of ministry of culture activities . art exhibition- madarat gallery-6 . Art exhibition- hiwar gallery . Art exhibition- Ishtar gallery for the youth Sculpture exhibition in the Iraqi plastic art society . . Sculpture exhibition in the Iraqi plastic artist society . golden jubilee art exhibition 2007 . Worked for the Electoral Commission for election at the National Centre as input dat. I worked in Alsumaria and implemented many of the decorations Art Critics Award 2007 . Ishtar Youth Award 2011 . Numerous awards . Award for best work of the Iraqi Cultural Center British

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