Aiman Salaymeh

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian
Company: فلسطيني flistene


Aiman Salaymeh is a 23 year old burgeoning young designer from Jerusalem. Since his early childhood, Salaymeh developed a passion for sketching fashion and jewelry design. He buttressed his talent with 3 years of academic study of sketching jewelry production and precious stones. Despite the fact that he is a young designer, Salaymeh has already participated in a number of noted collaborations and exhibitions including Jerusalem, the ‘’Capital of Arab Culture’’ (2009) and Jerusalem ‘’Through the Ages’’. A resident of the old city of Jerusalem, he draws his inspiration from Islamic art and architecture which is ubiquitous throughout the city. One can see clearly from his fabulous designs elements of Ayyubid and Ottoman art and architecture.

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