Amina Khalil (Amina K.)

Country: Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian
Company: Amina K The Egyptian Company for Fashion Design


Amina K. founded in 2009 is a fashion line dedicated to and inspired by Egypt, aiming to use Egyptian resources in every detail, fabric, and workmanship. Production are carried out in local workshops, mostly handmade, allowing Amina K. to pay close attention to details and adding a personal touch. The collection expresses a lot about the character and vision of Amina K. as a designer. Being always inspired by traditional Egyptian garments and textiles, Amina K. believes that there are endless possibilities for one to create original shapes and looks that have not been experimented with before. Garments are designed to be mixed, matched and layered together. Collections are exclusive and limited. By combining traditional Egyptian silhouettes and giving them a modern Western twist Amina K. aims at introducing a new style.


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