Bader Mahasneh

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian


Bader Mahasneh is a painter, photographer and sculptor. He was born in Jerash, Jordan in 1977. He Graduated with a bachelor's degree in law from Yarmuk University in 2001. He participated in several printmaking workshops at the national gallery in Amman.

Mahasneh has been working with various mediums to explore the aesthetic values of the human figure in its transformation through media and time, he lives and works in Amman.

Solo Exhibitions
• 2002, The French cultural center - Amman
• 2006, The French cultural center - Amman
• 2007, The Orient gallery - Amman
• 2008, Zara Gallery Amman
• 2009, Jacaranda Images - Amman
• 2010, Zara Gallery Amman
• 2010, Exposures, at Jacaranda Images - Amman
• 2011, Bulb, at Foresight Art Gallery - Amman
• 2012, Zara Gallery - Amman
• 2012, Vindemia art gallery - Dubai
• 2013, Metamorphoto at Wolkonsky Gallery – Munich

Group Exhibitions
Mahasneh participated in more than 30 group exhibitions around the world. A selection of group exhibitions:

• East and west meet around a new compass, Orient gallery Amman 2006
• Three dimensions, three artists from Jordan, Bahrain national gallery 2009
• Dance of Visions, Roda Sten gallery Sweden 2009
• Ono Arte Contemoranea, Italy 2011
• Art Beirut 2012
• Plan B Goes International, Plan B Gallery, Washington


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