Basel S. El Maqousi

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian


Born in Gaza City in 1971, Basel completed his degree in Fine Arts at the Gaza City YMCA in 1995. He teaches art at the Jabaliya Rehabilitation Centre in Gaza. He was given the Bronze Prize by the Union of Arab Photographers in Germany for best photo and participated in many local and international exhibitions.

Basel uses his incredible art and imagination to transcend his reality. He manages to combine the sublime with the joyful in abstract paintings that tell a strong message. He reminds us of a statement by the renowned Egyptian actor about the paintings of Basel and his colleagues from Gaza: ‘’the people of Palestine are great, not just because they are fighting a brutal occupation, but because, as you can see from these paintings, they have the imagination to paint with colors they do not have.’’ yptian actor yptian actor about the paintings.

Windows from Gaza For Contemporary Art

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