Durar Bacri

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian
Company: D.b.a ltd


With paintings that are super-real depictions of the environment and images that the artist sees in his daily life, one cannot help but be impressed by the remarkable academic talent so clearly visible in Durar Bacri’s works.

Yet, just to view the paintings for the incredible technique and the technical abilities of the artist would not do them justice. Close examination of the elements in the composition that contrast the high rises of Tel Aviv, with the old Palestinian houses, or the image of the Arabian horse rider, reveals an ironic, if not poetic, symmetry and juxtaposition.

This interesting juxtaposition should not come as a surprise, to any familiar with the background of the artist, who is of Palestinian descent, yet was educated in Israel’s prestigious Bezalel Institute and lives and paints in Tel Aviv.

Indeed, Bacri provides an emblematic example of the idiom that the artist (or any human for that matter) is a product of his or her environment, and what an amazingly unique, and often challenging reality.

House in yaffa
Fisherman in yaffa\'s marina
Boat on yaffa's shore
Portrait of an old man from akka,
Old buildings destroyed and new ones created in tel-aviv

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