The word alhoush means "courtyard" in Arabic. It is a place that has always been central to households in the Near East, as it is the meeting point that gathers family members around a physical and moral space.

alhoush.com is both a physical and virtual expo of Arab art and design: a common space that allows the public to purchase from and interact with the design and art community.


alhoush.com will achieve its objectives through two primary activities:

Creating a traveling exhibit and forum that will not only attract all the successful and emerging designers and artists to discuss the latest developments, but will also sell their works in a massive expo organized annually.

Creating an extensive e-commerce web portal where the works are sold and shipped around the world.


The Arab world faces tremendous challenges, not the least of which is the fact that needs to create a 100 million jobs within the upcoming ten years. We fundamentally believe that art and design can play a central role in rising to this challenge. 

alhoush.com is an enterprise that serves as a centre for the preservation and development of Arab art and design. By art and design, alhoush.com means four central pillars:  

.      Art (such as painting, print and sculpture)

.      Furniture and accessories

.      Fashion design (such as clothing, accessories, jewelry)

.      Crafts from Community Empowerment Projects

alhoush.com is not only about empowering the designer and art community in the Arab world, but also about serving as a catalyst for creating an economy and shedding light on their tremendous achievements. It creates a common space for innovation in Arab art and design in a way that allows it to take its rightful and well-deserved place in the world.


.      Empowering Arab Youth

.      Showcasing and Encouraging Arab Innovation

.      Celebrating and Stimulating Entrepreneurialism

.      Fighting Stereotypes and Telling the Real Story