SPONSORS AND PARTNERS could not fulfill its mission of empowering art and design in the Arab world, without the support of sponsors and partners who share its vision and steadfast commitment to the development of an innovation economy in this young region.

If you believe in the vision and are interested in finding out how you can help this initiative, by all means write to us at info(a) Partnership opportunities exist for a variety of prospective sponsors, including governments, NGOs, media organizations, online portals, and corporations (CSR).   

The following is an example of some the sponsor benefits:


  1. Partnering in a project that could be a aligned with the sponsor’s corporate social responsibility interests since its mandate is assisting in the development and preservation of Arab education and culture by empowering Arab artists and designers in earning a decent income from their works and showcasing their tremendous talents.
  2. Being a key sponsor in alhoush Expo of Arab art and design in a key international city has profound strategic PR benefits in a country that has vast resources and great tourism base. In other words, it offers unique brand recognition opportunities.
  3. Through over 150,000 projected unique visitors per month, a mass online campaign, as well as regional and international media coverage, the sponsor will enjoy excellent visibility as a leading supporter for Arab art and design and a real catalyst for providing Arab youth with an alternative to their often sordid and helpless reality of unemployment.


  • Moderate and logo placement in opening ceremony of exhibit.
  • Moderate logo placement on exhibit brochure.
  • Corporate logo (medium) on exhibit program cover.
  • Corporate logo (medium) included on all promotional materials.
  • Corporate logo (medium) included in multiple e-mails to approximately 15,000 people.
  • Corporate logo (medium) included on all exhibit sponsor signage.
  • Logo placement on the Country Page of choice as per design below
  • Web Link from exhibit website to sponsor’s website.
  • The opportunity to place inserts or promotional giveaways into delegate kits.