Terms and Conditions
Terms & Conditions

By joining the Alhoush.com online community (here referred to as Alhoush or alhoush.com), the member artist (here referred to as the Artist) agrees to the following terms and conditions:


  1. All items uploaded by the Artist shall be of her/his own original work.
  2. The Artist shall upload all required information (including contact information, biography, and banking details) accurately in the online form.
  3. The Artist shall upload high-resolution images of their art/design items (minimum 5, maximum 15), set item prices in US dollars, and provide brief descriptions (if available) in the designated space.
  4. Once items have been uploaded, Alhoush's curatorial committee shall review the Artist's profile as part of their official selection process.  Artists are then welcomed into one of the two distinct communities that exist within Alhoush: Resident Artists, and Open Space Artists.
  5. Alhoush reserves the right to edit the item descriptions and biography provided by the Artist to ensure accuracy and clarity of information. 
  6. The Artist's profile will go live only when the Artist has uploaded their profile picture, biography, and a minimum of 5 items and Alhoush has completed its review.
  7. Artists have the right to replace and/or remove uploaded items in 3-month cycles.  That is, all items uploaded to the site shall remain for a minimum of 3 months.


  1. The Artist guarantees that the prices set for uploaded items are consistent with selling prices in the market.
  2. If an item is sold through alhoush.com, Alhoush shall retain 30% of the listed price in return for its services.
  3. The remaining 70% of the listed price shall be transferred to the Artist’s bank account or paid to the Artist in cash within one month of the date of sale.
  4. If any of the Artist's items on Alhoush are sold elsewhere directly by the Artist, Alhoush will retain 15% of the value of the listed work.  This clause applies only to unique pieces.
  5. In the event that an order is placed for an Artist's work, the Artist will immediately be notified and an Alhoush shipping agent will be dispatched to retrieve the item for shipping.
  6. The Artist guarantees that the artwork/item faithfully matches the description provided on Alhoush and is free from any kind of damage.
  7. All arrangements surrounding the shipment of the item (including packaging, insurance, and transfer) shall be handled by Alhoush.


  1. By joining the Alhoush online community, the Artist commits to do her/his utmost to promote the site to her/his fans and clientele, and to invite people to join the site and become a fan of their page.
  2. Resident Artists shall have the option of taking part in special events (e.g. art auctions, curated exhibitions, etc.) organized by Alhoush to promote contemporary Arab art and design.


  1. Should any of the terms of this Agreement not be met by the Artist, Alhoush has the right to terminate the Agreement and the Artist’s account on alhoush.com, and will notify the Artist in writing (by email).
  2. The Artist has the right to terminate her/his profile on Alhoush at any time and without consequence, provided she/he provides written notice (by email) to [email protected].


  • This Agreement is governed by the laws of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the Courts of Amman shall have full jurisdiction over any dispute arising herewith.