Jafra 5

  • Width:  60.00
  • Height:  80.00
  • Depth:  1.00
  • Material:  Acrylic colors on canvas. 2012
  • Item condition:  Framed


1000 $


From the group ''Jafra''

Jafra is a poetic word in Palestinian folklore which refers to a beautiful girl with large eyes resembling those of the mountain gazelle.

The history of the concept goes back to 4000 BC when, in the ancient city of Be'er Sheva, people kept small figurines and drawings of the mother goddess Ayla, smbolized as a female gazelle and later named Jafra.

There is also a village of Jafra in Palestine's West Bank, and popular folk songs which use the word Jafra in their lyrics.


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