• Width:  30.00
  • Height:  40.00
  • Depth:  1.00
  • Material:  Embroidery - Fabric on fabric
  • Item condition:  Framed with glass


Untitled "3"
Four Portraits (40 cm * 30 cm)

This work is part of an ongoing investigation about the military institution and the
concept of soldiering; mostly focusing on the transformation that takes place from an
individual to a soldier. This investigation started during the admission show for the
International Art Academy/ Palestine in 2007. I made an installation, untitled “1”
highlighting the relationship between natural and artificial in the context of becoming
a soldier. After a year, I moved to the question of "what make us think", and how is
thinking taking place inside the military institution. I tried to question this thinking
process in Untitled "2" a video taped performance in 2008, where I’m playing a chess
game. Embedding 64 identical pawns on a chessboard from two opposite sides of the
board I'm going around the table in constant rotation, with a prayer of a soldier looped
appearing on the screen, an extract from a film.
In this work, I have tried to incorporate the typical Palestinian cross-stitching
embroidery technique, an autonomous cultural tool, to make portraits of four soldiers.
Their cases differ, but what they have in common is that they attacked fellow soldiers
in the military camps where they were stationed. I have decided to make this obscene
image of "the traitor" in a very domestic tool, touching upon the idea of the hero, and
twisting the celebration of the pride of the nation by embroidering its symbols.

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