Gaza 36mm

Gaza's cinematic magicians do it again!  Watch the intriguing first 1:46 of the new film by Khalil Al Mozayen and twin brothers Tarzan & Arab, the three Gazan filmmakers behind award-winning art and documentary films Colourful Journey and The Gaza Monologues. They are just three of the artists coming to Amman for THIS IS also GAZA, Alhoush's celebration of contemporary visual arts from the Gaza Strip, where their latest monumental collaboration, Gaza 36mm, will be premiered in full. Coming to Ras al Ain Gallery this October 3

Filmmakers' Statement
Gaza 36mm is a cinematic testament to Gaza's censored reality, in which the game of death plays out through a radical blackness towards the arts in general and the cinematic arts in particular.
Gaza 36mm is a small window through which Gaza is able to steal a peek at the outside world.
Gaza 36mm is cinematic code for Gaza, reflecting the destruction that Gaza's cinema houses have undergone in the name of social and ideological conservativism.
Gaza 36mm is about the urban ruins that were once thriving cinema houses full of people.

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