Hazem Al Zubi

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian


Hazim Al Zubi was born in Irbid in 1957. In 1982 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad, and in 2004 and 2005 he served as President of the Jordanian Fine Artists Association. A lecturer at the University of Jordan’s College of Fine Arts, Al Zubi’s work was exhibited at the Alia Gallery in 1984, the Amman Royal Cultural Center in 1986, the 1992 Seville EXPO, the Atassi Gallery in Damascus in 1995, and the Kuwait 2000 “Talaqi Al Ajial” Exhibition at The National Museum, among several other international venues. Al Zubi’s awards include the 1994 UNESCO Award for Art and Creativity, the Jordanian H.K. Annual Award in 2003, and the Municipality of Amman’s Monument Award.

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