Good Morning

  • Width:  50.00
  • Height:  66.70
  • Depth:  0.00
  • Material:  Giclee Print


500 $


 This art work is one of a collection dealing with the artist’s own memories of her grandmother house in one of old Amman neighborhoods. The work is an outcome of the artist’s own photos taken lately of the house, and did composed, mixed, layered and altered in surrealism resemble way to provoke emotions charged with light, nostalgia and astonishment recalling feelings and special memories of childhood.                                                   
 Limited edition : This print edition consist of  2 Artist proofs and ( 5 ) Numbered and Signed print edition This one is no (1/5)   This giclee print was printed using computerized process and most  developed inks on special paper  which, under light tests, shows no fading  under the normal interior lighting conditions over a 70 year period.  Please do not display it under direct sunlight, strong reflected sunlight,  or high humid conditions.   For maintaining this fine art print the print surface should not be touched and it is to be mounted and framed professionally.  Recommended framing; it is recommended to frame it using wooden frame and between two sheets of glass or Plexiglas with see through mat.

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