• Width:  160.00
  • Height:  220.00
  • Depth:  0.00
  • Material:  Natural pigment (dust, ash, calcine) and Acrylic medium on wood


32000 $


Is a triptych- like work in three panels, one evidently meant to convey the idea of rebirth.
The left and right third of the panel are heaped with various pigments of earth and ash hues, which makes for an oppressive and suffocating effect. The panels are so heavily loaded with paint, it seems as though an intentional effort were being made to prevent the light from reflecting from the colors.
The bright central panel provokes quite the opposite response, conveying an impression of light. You might say the exterior panels give birth to a white-and-silver coated treasure, like sacred doors opening upon an artistic fortune.
In this art piece the technique of Chiaroscuro- from Italian “chiaro” (Light) and “scuro” (Dark) – was used to give three dimensional aspects to the painting.

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