Movement V

  • Width:  54.00
  • Height:  75.00
  • Depth:  0.00
  • Material:  Natural pigment (dust, ash, calcine) and Acrylic medium on wood


4000 $


One of a collection of paintings called Nebulas, Nasser uses the universe – more specifically space dust, nebulas and their components as means to understand his being and comprehend the universe.

His artwork is a tribute to the perpetual movement of the universe.

Most of these compositions work with ochre, brown , white and black – representing, the ground, sky and light – three elements that have traditionally been seen as the elementary building blocks of the universe.

Nasser uses colors existing in nature, like the Indigo, the coal, the calcine and natural stones powder on a wooden base.

In these multi-layered works, the impression of change in the works colors could be suggestive of changes in human life.

the painting is framed with Passe par tout.

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