Cotton Candy

  • Width:  70.00
  • Height:  100.00
  • Depth:  0.00
  • Material:  Mixed media and cotton candy on canvas


700 $


The sound of his whistle takes me back to my early childhood memories. Where I would sit waiting for him by the window, to hear his melodic whistle. He’s ‘3amo Sha3er el Banat’ or that’s what I always called him. He’s the man who sells cotton candy.He would walk around the streets of Amman, with little plastic bags filled with cotton candy hanging off a long stick, whistling his very unique and harmonious tune. I always felt he looked like he was carrying happy, fluffy, pink clouds.Cotton candy is called ‘Sha3er el Banat’ in Amman. Its literal translation is ‘hair of the girls’. In other countries like Egypt, Iraq and Syria it has different names such as ‘Ghazl el Banat’, ‘Khudood el Banat’ and ‘7alawa al Qutn’. The connotation behind these names is the softness of the girl’s cheeks and the flow of her hair.Sha3er el Banat is my main medium in this painting. I have always been fascinated with experimenting with mixed media. I also like to see what would happen to the media when we burn some parts of it, what traces it would leave on the canvas and how would they look like.Unfortunately, this phenomenon started fading away with time. We barely see ‘3amo sha3er el Banat’ as often. What I hope to portray is a connection between my media and the concept of fading away. As much as I might change its shape or texture, the essence of the original substance will prominently remain.

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