O Frames, O Hearts!

  • Width:  135.00
  • Height:  120.00
  • Depth:  2.00
  • Material:  Mixed Media (Acrylic, tissue paper, damp proof course, staples, cooler plastic & pencil) on linen


3000 $


The title of the painting is taken from the writing of Ahmad Sam’ani, d.534/1140, a Persian sufi:

“To the bodily frames, He spoke of Lordship.

To the spirits, He spoke of Love.

O frames, I am God! O hearts, I am the Lover!...

O frames, stay within the realities of struggle!

O hearts, stay within the gardens of witnessing!”

(pg.71-72, ‘The Tao of Islam: A sourcebook on gender relationships in Islamic Thought’, Sachiko Murata, 1992, State University of New York Press

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