Jiyan Al Alami

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian
Company: J Walking In Style


Two sisters with one underlying principle: originality! Jiyan is passionate about fashion, and Deema is passionate about spreading it! This sisterhood, topped with friendship and a handful of partnership lead to the creation of J Walking in Style; a brand dedicated to unique handmade designs! Jiyan does not have your typical designer back-story. With a BA in Human Genetics, she attained her artistic and fashion skills, through trial and lots of feedback! With Deema’s constant encouragement and support, Jiyan was able to launch her first collection in July 2009. From that day forward, J Walking in Style highjacked Jiyan and Deema’s heart and mind! Jiyan has been able to create a look that suits the mood of daring and hip women and girls from the ages of 3 month upwards! J Walking in Style is the source of original handmade garments that guarantee a chic, and vibrant flattering look!

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