Khoraman Jaafar

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian


Khoraman Jaafar was born in Azerbaijan in 1959.  A lifelong collector of gemstones and antique silver jewelry, especially Central Asian and Arab Bedouin pieces, her jewelry education has been eclectic and international: she studied Goldsmithing in Amman in the late 1970s, Jewelry Design in Moscow in the early 1980s, and Gemology in Beijing, where she lived from 1983 to 1987. Her jewelry line was born in 2000, when she began creating necklaces using materials from her gem and silver collection.  She also began to modify silver pendants with gem stones and apply the resulting pieces to traditional Arab dresses.  Her guiding aesthetic has always been to infuse the Oriental spirit of her raw materials with a modern touch.  Jaafar's jewelry came onto the regional radar in 2004, when she embarked on a solo exhibition of her work in Amman. As a member of The Rural Women's Development Society, a local women's association founded by Seeta Hadeed, she then exhibited her necklaces and bejeweled Palestinian and Jordanian dresses in Southern Italy's Mediterranean Festival in 2005, in Morocco in 2006, and in Ankara in 2008. 2006 saw the creation of her landmark collection, Khazneh, which was inspired by the Treasury of Petra, a wonder of ancient Nabataean architecture and an important reference for contemporary Jordanian identity.  Jaafar now displays and sells her necklace collections in her own boutique in Amman.

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