Lina Al Nasri

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Iraqi



  • Born in Baghdad in 1971.

  • Education Diploma with distinction - Department Arts Education.

  • Joint exhibitions during College.

  • Teaching art in several schools in Baghdad, and volunteered to teach at the Mansour's Institute for special Education.

  • After the disaster of looting the Iraqi Museum, which left in her heart a lot of sorrow, she dedicated herself to re-embody her ancestral legacy, influenced by Sumer, Akkad and Babylon's Art schools, with all theirs imagination and realistic.

  • Joint exhibition to mark Refugee Day, 2009, and participation in various other exhibitions (Amman,Jordan).

  • first solo art exhibition  (The Cradle of Civilization in the inscriptions), Amman 2009, with her own technology in the drawing (Dotting prominent continuously), which needs pinpoint precision and special materials.

  • Some of her works were selected by the Women's Fund in Jordan, to make a poster as propaganda for funding a project to support the Iraqi Women.

  • Member of the Association "The Friends of Archaeology of Jordan".

  • She founded the Association Anamel to bring to life the Iraqihistoric heritage (for painters, sculptors and artisans interested in joining). Communicate via e-mail: [email protected] 

  • (second solo art exhibition ) trip in Mesopotamia (Amman 02/11/2013) in the hall of the Iraqi Business Council.

  • Member of the International Center for Fine Arts.

  • Joint exhibition (memory placesin the carnival of love and peace, who is heldin Lebanon (28/02/2014) in the hall of the Unesco Palace - Beirut.

  • Certificate of Appreciation from the International Center for Fine Arts.

  • Member of the general assembly in the"International centre for plastic Arts" in Jordan .
  • Participant in the exhibition which took place in Lebanon on the 28th Feb.2014 at the "Qasr Unesco Hall"Beirut.on the occasion of"Love and Peace Carnival" 
  • Appraisal certificate from the "International centre for plastic Arts" in Jordan .

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