Lubna Mousa

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Iraqi



Lubna Mousa is an Architect by profession (BSc Architecture, University of Technology, Baghdad 1983). In recent years however, she has given more of her time to the arts with focus on painting, in particular collage.
With this Lubna attempts to create works that have a positive influence on their environment and on the individuals within that environment. She achieves this through layering two-dimensional elements such as newspaper, wallpaper, printed text, illustrations, photographs, cloth and string for example, onto flat surfaces. The outcome is three-dimensional work which entices the visual curiosity of the eye in a similar way to curiosity which is sparked when one passes by an open curtain of a residence in the evening, penetrating layers to discover what may lurk beyond.
In her creativity, Lubna aims for transparency, sheer beauty and simplicity through layers of thoughts and ideas, in her words ‘providing a second life and recognize beauty in the simple items around me. I would also like to entice the amusement and curiosity of the viewer when thinking of the original use of these materials in their “first life”. Documenting the places I have been and my experiences within them e.g. train tickets, restaurant bills, brochures and other to the interaction between the materials and paint to create fascinating results.
Lubna’s architectural background emerges in the grids and geometrical shapes she uses, as they enrich her composition with grounding and strength. As she puts it ‘Artists are like writers in that they reflect their social environment and experience. My influences mirror what was happening in my homeland during 2003-5 as I witnessed it.'

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