Maha Khoury

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian


Maha Khoury is an artist who is extensively engaged with the Jordanian Plastic Art Association, where she now occupies the post of Vice President. She holds a BA in English and has participated in numerous art courses at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (USA) as well as in local and international art symposiums and gatherings, including the Painting and Poetry Symposium in 2011 in Jordan and the Symposium of the Weatherford Association in Texas in 2007. 

As an artist, Khoury has participated in more than 30 exhibitions locally and internationally, including an exhibition of contemporary art in Jordan in 2011, an exhibition of seven artists at Amman's Orient Gallery, and a feminist art exhibition in Texas, USA. Besides her memberships in the Jordanian Plastic Art and Weatherford Associations, Khoury is also a member of the USA’s vast Visual Art Association.


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