Mahdi Naim

Country: France
Nationality: Moroccan
Company: MN DESIGN


MAHDI NAIM approaches his work with an introspection of his time without denying the past. Its dynamic and innovative approach is based on inspirations and references to contemporary art. He works on a range of topics from the interface of rigorous practice, animated by the desire for perfection and detail. Attentive to new trends, sensitive to new production tools as well as the beauty of the forms, his approach to design is dedicated to the pursuit of refinement, without falling into the conformity of taste. Outside plastic research, driven by a desire deep freedom, Mahdi Naim invites new experiences and explore new opportunities both technical and aesthetic. Born in Essaouira in Morocco in 1977. After 8 years of development in the most prestigious engineering offices in Paris, his passion for contemporary art and design led him to create his trademark "The Close Gallery" in Paris in 2007. In 2009, he created the IDA Workshop in Casablanca Morocco, where he tries to make a strong character to spaces while respecting the environment in which they operate. His approach is a language that is both subtle and stated in formal research which is of paramount importance. He also teaches the history of technology, culture and design philosophy of art in ARTCOM Casablanca. His biography is historicized among the personalities who have contributed to the development and promotion of Morocco, MOROCCO BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, the first reference book of Intelligence Morocco. In 2010. Jury member of the original concept Sanaat Bladi - Jil Al Jadid al. TVReality program conducted by 2M Moroccan TV in partnership with the Secretariat of State for Handicrafts whose objective is to discover young talents who do honor to the genius of Moroccan craftsmen. Today he practiced design in Lyon, in France where he was labeled by the Committee of labeling Design Observer 13!.

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