Mahmoud Shahin

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian


Mahmoud Shahin was born in Jerusalem 1946. He studied journalism, and writes literary and art criticism. He is an artist and novelist. He paints in oils, using a vast array of techniques. Not less than 7000 of his paintings exist in fifty countries all over the world. He held individual exhibitions in: • Al-Nofara, Old Damascus, Syria (since 1995, ongoing) • The Artists Gallery, Damascus, Syria (1995) • The Russian Cultural Centre, Damascus, Syria (1996/1997/1998) • Al-Nasira, Palastine (1997) • Kulturburu, Frondenberg, Germany (1998) • Ashtar Gallery, Damascus, Syria (1998) • Evangeleliscen Academie, Iserlohn, Germany (1998) • Kultur Haus, Spandau, Berlin, Germany (2000) • Center Cultural Arabia Syrian, Paris, France (2002) • La Maison International, Paris, France (2002) He also has some special paintings in: • Cairo, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Heifa, Berlin, Gratz, Wien, Austria, Lorizon Galerie – Paris, Menden, Nurnberg, Solingen, Emden – Germany. His literary works include: • Innocence Fire – Short Stories, Beirut, Lebanon (1979) • The Visitors – Short Stories, Beirut, Lebanon (1979) • My Death and Lucien’s Cat – Short Stories, Ramallah, Palestine (1999) • The Deprived Land – Novel, Damascus, Syria (1983) • Immigration to Hell – Novel, Beirut, Lebanon (1984) • The Occupied Land – Novel, Damascus, Syria (1989) (translated to Turkish, 2002) • Satanic Temptations “Party with the Devil” – an epic (translated to German 1999) • Lukeman the King – an epic His achievements in the press field include: • A land and a civilisation, Tripoli, Lebanon (1985) • The front war in Lebanon, Damascus, Syria (1983) Critical studies in monthly and quarterly magazines include: • Essays in Palestinian novel • Essays in Arabic novel • Essays in World novel • Essays in Palestinian story Unpublished works include: • The Occupied Land (part 2) – a novel • The Embraced Grieves – a novel • Some of his other stories have been translated in to English, Italian, Spanish, • German, French and Russian • Some of his storied have been sold to cinema and television • His story, Fire of the Innocence, was performed as a play in Amman (1992) Some of his paintings exist in: • The National Museum of Damascus, Syria (two paintings, 100×70cm) • The Ministry of Culture, Palestine • Al-Akhbar Newspaper, Egypt • P.L.O. Office, Damascus, Syria • Syrian Cultural Centre, Paris, France - Whispers to a colour who shaded himself under rain shadows. Oh, Colour! When your apparition visited me in the twilight of aura, effulgent by the soul of the creator in the brightness of lightning and under rain shadows, to save me from the speech yoke and the capture of time, and to lead me to the horizons of dream, the charm of your beauty allured me. Wondering in the nebulas of your shade. Allah (God) has illuminated my mind to follow you, and I did, so that we carry each other through the spaces of the soul and the pulse of sensation in to the mysteries of the infinity and the depth of the unknown. Oh, Colour! My companion! My beloved, how many a day have you been alone, illuminating the darkness of the fore-night around me with dancing candles! And how many a night were you alone depicting the dream details! After the time has betrayed his time and his chest narrowed to true speech! Oh my colour! Speech was the love of my soul, and then you become my soul, so that I became a word of colour and a colour in word. What can I say to you when speech forbids speech to say its word or to tell what his beginning harbours!!? Oh, Colour! I owe you! I owe you my cordiality, my love and all the cells of my lifetime. Oh, Colour! Thank you, thank you red, thank you yellow, thank you blue, I beg your pardon, oh colour! If I betrayed you and myself, restricting your liberty sometimes and narrowing escape of your ambition in a new creation, a creation that no eyes have yet seen, nor ears have yet heard, nor senses and minds have yet perceived, nor sensation has harboured. Oh, Colour! It seems that we are really controlled; we are not going further in the infinity and the imagination of naught, unless we have controlled fate and hold the rein of creation.


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