Manal Deeb

Country: United States
Nationality: Palestinian
Company: Visual Artist فنانه تشكيليه


Palestinian-American artist was born in 1968 in Ramallah, Palestine, and moved to the United States in 1986. Her goal is to bring her Palestinian heritage to speak across times and places. Her work is adapted from the history and presence of Palestine. Manal's work reflects issues of identity and memory, issues that for her are so pertinent in recollecting her Palestinian origin. She uses textured surfaces to convey memory's persistence and perseverance. In some cases, by incorporating words from the Quran, Manal is trying to capture the wisdom and power of the verses in order to communicate their imaginative energy.

Manal had many solo and group exhibits in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco and Washington DC.

Manal studied Studio Arts at the University of Illinois in Chicago, and got her Bachelor Degree in Psychology of Art from George Mason University in Virginia.  Manal's web site:  Manal had many solo exhibits in NYC, DC, Chicago, Boston and Dallas.


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