Marwan Nassar

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian
Company: مدرس فنون


Name. Mar wan  A. Nassar-

Home address:  Nusierat  _ Gaza_ Palestine-

-TEL: 2554001/ MOBILE: 0599-563743

PERSONAL  Data : *

Date of Birth: 27th November 1984

Education  *

AL – Aqsa University, Plastic Art Department ,2007-

-Khaled Ibn  AL-Waleed Secondary Boys School

 Work Experience:-*

·         Arts teacher at Ibrahim AL – Maqadma secondary Boys School

·         Lecturer at Art section (part time)in Society College for applied and Professional Sciences


·         Languages: Arabic and English


·         Other achievements


Many of Rewards and Contests in:-

·         Lecturer in community college for applied an professional sciences

·         First position in Disaster and Champion.

·          Delivering lectures in crafts and arts village in Gaza under the title 

"Recycling the environmental waste into Art work"

·         Supervision on the carpentry in women Empowering Centre-

·         Participating in Spring Exhibition in AL-AQSA University-

Participating in drawing murals in different  occasions. Supervised by ministry of culture

Shipping partner