Mira Sadi

Country: Turkey
Nationality: Jordanian
Company: Mira Sadi Jewels - Ottoman Chic collection


Inspired by the beauty that surrounds us every day, Mira Sadi Jewels bring together a mosaic of colors, elements, and feelings from across the globe, and are committed to bringing out the unique inner splendor within each one of us. Intended to be a symbol of world history, culture, character, originality, elegance, and imagination, all Mira Sadi Jewels are meant to be the centerpieces of any outfit, to "elegantly shout out-loud".

The collection presented here is called Ottoman Chic.

Reigning for over 600 years, The Ottoman Empire is one the world’s largest, most successful, and longest standing empires. Traces of the Ottoman Empire is now entrenched throughout its capital Constantinople, modern day Istanbul, and the center of clashing building blocks that merge together to produce a beautiful portrait; uneven cobblestone terrains, flow of the Bosporus, soaring seagulls, historic walls, majestic domes, and diversity of its people.

The Ottoman Chic collection aims to reflect this mosaic of elements through the use of rough, bold, gold textures and highlights its diversity through bringing together an array of colors and asymmetrical designs. This is coupled with a Chic factor through its choice of feminine colors and bright stones, bringing these historic symbols closer to modern day fashion.

A Tango of Dazzle Ring
Hand of Fatima on Crystal - Necklace
Hand of Fatima on Crystal - Ressam - Tughra
Wrap Around me Like a Golden Anchor
Ressam Cuff - Love
Topkapi Cuff
Robassa Ring
Aybike Cuff
Halka Earrings - Amethyst
Halka Earrings - Turquoise
Drop of Sparkle Earrings
Desirelle Earrings
Ressam Earrings - Beauty of the Soul
Ressam Earrings - Freedom
A Tango of Gems Ring - Lapis Lazuli
A Tango of Gems Ring - Mother of Pearl
A Tango of Gems Bracelet
Dilek Bracelet - Turquoise
Dilek Bracelet - Onyx
Dilek Bracelet - Rose Quartz
Dilek Bracelet - Blue Jade
Esin Bracelet
Ressam Earrings - Mevlana
A Trinity of Beads Earrings - Black Onyx/Green Jade
A Trinity of Beads Earrings - Pink Jade/Grey Agate
Pasha-ess Bracelet
Damla Earrings - Pink Jade
Damla Earrings - Green Jade
Damla Earrings - Mother of Pearl
Avgan Earrings
Eleonara Earrings
Tatli Earrings
Durriye Earrings - Pink Jade
Durriye Earrings - Mother of Pearl
Tears of the Sun - Onyx/Turquoise
Tears of the Sun - Turquoise/Onyx
Tears of the Sun - Osmanli Sun

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