Mohamed Abusal

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian
Company: Eltiqa Gallery


Mohamed Abusal is a prize-winning Palestinian artist, now based in Gaza. He has exhibited extensively around the world over the last decade, notably in France, where he has had several exhibitions devoted to his work alone, also for example in the US and Australia, and most recently in Dubai.

His work has been shown just once before in the UK.  He has drawn a reputation for his striking, highly-coloured abstract and semi-abstract paintings, sometimes worked around a cactus theme (a metaphor in Middle Eastern culture for resilience), cast in various moods.

Abu Sal's artistic inspiration springs from his early life in Gaza, to which his work often refers.

He has been an international art scholar at the Vermont Studio Center - the largest artists' residency programme in the US - and was awarded the Charles Aspry Prize for Contemporary Art in 2005. Abusal is also an occasional art researcher, teacher and talented web-designer.

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