Mohamed Khalil

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian
Company: Young artists forum


Born in Jordan in 1960, Mohammad graduated with a Masters degree from the Arts Academy in Dresden- Germany in the year 1988. He spent most of his formative years in exile including in Damascus and Nicosia for five years, where his works were characteristically influenced by German expressionism. In 1994, the signing of the Oslo Agreements allowed Khalil to return to his homeland for the first time and in fact he became an active member in the cultural scene and is currently the director of the arts in the Palestinian Ministry of Culture as well as teaching arts at the University of Jerusalem and founding of the Young Artists Forum in the West Bank. He is therefore not just a capable artist whose list of achievements is quite impressive, but he is also committed to the development of the arts in the Palestinian territory. His current collection with not only attests to his remarkable artistic talent but his power of observation in which he is able to transmit very clever messages about the travesties of daily life under occupation. Indeed one also sees in some of the paintings, elements of Picasso’s style of deconstructing faces and the use of solemn facial expressions.

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