Mohammed Al Dabous

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian


Born in Jabalia camp , Gaza, in 1978. Mohamed’s paintings are very different from what they were before the incursion. His home and entire neighborhood were destroyed. Like other colleagues he was depressed during the incursion and found it difficult to express himself through art. Some of his new works are of damaged buildings and structures which represent not just the physical wreckage caused by the incursion but also broken spirits. The cool colors are in direct contrast to the inferno of reds and oranges of his vision of what the physical and the spiritual looked like during the incursion.

Yet amidst all this debris and damage in his other works there is a sense of hope that one can also witness amongst other artists. This element of hope and the support that artists receive from one another and within the local community provides a solid ground from which art can sprout.

Al dabous’s childhood dream was to become an artist. He realized his dream when he graduated with honors from the College of Fine Arts and studied Classic Art at Helwan University in Egypt in 2002. In the past he also taught art classes at the Red Crescent Society in Gaza. And also works of art teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Aqsa in Gaza.  His works have been in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Gaza, the West Bank and France. 

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