Nadia Flaih

Country: Iraq
Nationality: Iraqi


1989 B.A academy of Fine Arts
/painting / Baghdad
Member of artists association 
Member of artists union

   Almost of exhibitions in national center of art cines 1991
• 1991- 1993 al- wassity international festival for plastic arts
• 1991  festival of contemporary art
• 1996  al-rabea exhibition al-orfali gallery in Iraq
• 1999  Unsafe exhibition for red cross center of arts gallery in Iraq
• 2004  al –shebab exhibition (Shakir Hassan )
  contest of painting athar    gallery
• 2007  Iraqi women exhibition al-wasety gallery
• 2008  exhibition for women fine artist 
• 2010  exhibition for plastic arts media gallery in arbill
• 2010  exhibition picknic to nature madarat gallery
• 2011  AL- wassity international festival for plastic arts
• 2011  Iraqi woman exhibition                  

• 2004  three Iraqi artists exhibition athar gallery
• 2006  three Iraqi artists exhibition (Iraqi papers) al-durubi gallery

• 2006  1st solo exhibition ( meditations in reality) madarat gallery in Iraq

• 2011   2end  exhibition (Bulkheads Recitings) in LEBANON

• 2012   ThirdexhibitionNakhla gallery Baghdad

Appreciation Certificates

• Women for women international
• Comate international of the red cross exhibition
• Contemporary visual arts society


• Artistic supervisor in ministry of education   1992-1997
• Chief  of painting department  in institute of fine arts  1997-1999
• Chief  of graphic department in institute of fine arts from 1999 tile now

Note:   preparing and putting  curriculum of graphic lesson  for students in institute of fine arts

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