Nancy Al Habashi

Country: United States
Nationality: Palestinian


Self taught Artist/Published Author

The way I create Art is by expressing my feelings with colors on canvas or words on paper. The energy of beautiful art will stir feelings and that’s what I aim in my art work. I like to paint ballerinas and sometimes flying women that symbolize freedom.  We are in a world that is becoming far from spirituality and I hope my work will bring some of spirituality into the viewer’s eyes. When you read my poetry it is like you are looking at one of my paintings. Both my art and my poetry come from one place to bring joy and fulfillment to someone's soul.


Solo Exhibit  2009     Aurora Theatre-Lawrenceville, GA  USA.

Solo Exhibit  2010     University of Georgia-Gwinnett Campus.

Solo Exhibit  2010     The Lona Gallery-Georgia USA.

Solo Exhibit  2011      France-Hobron Association West Bank.


Honorable Mention Recognition at Susan Black Foundation-Art Blossom Competition 2011-Colorado  USA.

Nominee for Georgia Author of the year 2012  by Georgia Writers Association.


Soul Whispers  "Poetry Collection"





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