Nidal Abooun

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Nationality: Palestinian
Company: Ministry of culture


Born in Jabaliya Camp, Gaza in 1971. Nidal Abu Aoun lost all his art work in the incursion. Nothing was left of his home. It took him some time to settle down both mentally and physically. He began this series after the war ended. The paintings (and they are only paintings, no wood parts) are a culmination of several dominant elements that ultimately merge into a symbol of the determination to obtain a bright future.

The wood from the olive tree, the color blue and women are the constant elements in his art. Women are symbols of hope for a better future by virtue of their roles as mothers and creators of the next generation. The olive tree is a symbol of perseverance because it is sturdy and difficult to uproot. The color blue is not only Abu Aoun’s favorite but it is also the color of the doors of the schools here in Gaza; behind which children feel safe. The symbols come together to convey strength, hope and faith in positive change.

Abu Aoun’s formal training as an artist came through two years of an art program at the YMCA in Gaza. Despite this short formal training he has been one of the artists that have garnered international attention. His works have been exhibited locally and elsewhere in the Middle East. He is a member of the Union of Palestinian Artists. He also teaches art in workshops organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture. 

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