Radfan Almohammadi

Country: Egypt
Nationality: Yemenite
Company: المنتدى العربي للفنون


Name :Radfan Ameen Mohammed Al-Mohammedi.
Born in Yemen,1985.
The head manager and establisher of the Arab Forum for Arts in Sana'a .
Administrator of arts house in Taiz  2012-2009 and one of the establishers of arts house.
A member of Arabic Relation of Arts .
An active member in many international, local and cultural associations and foundations.
Graduated from the occupational institute, arts diploma in Yemen,Taiz 2009.
Took many diplomas for variety arts and administration in Yemen.
           *Activities and Galleries
4 private galleries in fine art, the first one was in Yemen 2009
Participant in more than 50  collective galleries since 2003 in many provinces in Yemen.
A member of arbitration in more than 7 local competitions in art fields .
Trained drawing in many foundations in Yemen and Egypt .
* Collective participations ( international) .
Have been selected as Yemen gomeesyer in the international prints meetings for fine art, Cairo, 2017.
Participant in 7 Arabic galleries in Egypt ,at the end of 2016_2017.
Participant in the worldly project of picture, Bainon museum for small works in Rome, 2015.
Participant in London international meeting for fine art, 2016.
Participant in Qater-Yemen gallery in occasion of Al-DOHA as the capital city of Arabic culture .
General coordinator of the gallery of  Yemeni deputation manager,210.
Participant and representative of Yemen in international cultural celebrations for Islamic luxuriant and decorations in Algerian, 2010 and 2011.
 *Awards, armors and appreciation certificates
Holds title of the best Arabic fine art artist in the world in2016 ,London, armor and golden medal.
Golden medal in the international prints meeting for fine art 2016.
Holds a gift of the most beautiful fine art  painting for touristic sceneries in the international day for tourism ,the first position, received the touristic armor for 2008.
Holds a gift of the most beautiful painting in Sana'a Touristic Summer, thrid position with receiving bronze medal, 2009
Holds a gift of the most beautiful fine art painting in the sixth Sana'a festival, second position,2013
Holds the third position in fine art field in work and education festival in Yemen,Sana'a, 2016.
Many armors and appreciation certificates in many art collectives, local,  international artistry participations and courses in this field

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