Radfan Almohammedi

Country: Egypt
Nationality: Yemenite
Company: المنتدى العربي للفنون


  • Name: Radfan Ameen Mohamed Nasr al-Mohammedi.
  • Born in 1985, Yemen.
  • Founder and chairman of the Arab Forum for arts Sanaa.
  • The Manager of House of Art , Taiz 2009-2012.
  •  Founding member of the House of art in Taiz 2006
  • Graduated of the Industrial Technical Institute. Diploma of Fine Arts 2004.
  • A member of the Yemeni assembly of art and design.
  • Institutional director diploma 2012.  Several courses in management and  marketing.
  • Taught by the great artist Hashem Ali 2007 - 2009.
  •  Trainer of fine arts in The House of Art in Taiz 2008-2012.
  •  Currently residing in Egypt


 *Personal galleries,


  • The first personal gallery: Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture (my city and I )  2009-03-7.
  • The second personal gallery: Al-Saeed Hotel, Taiz (Beastly color) 2010-01-16. 
  • Third personal gallery: Al-Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture in Taiz (features of the nature) 2012.
  • Fourth personal gallery:  The Egyptian Cultural Center, Sanaa (the features of the nature2) 2012.
  • The fifth personal exhibition Al - Bismant Cultural Foundation 2014

 *Collective posts (local).

  • Participant in more than 50 collective galleries since 2003 in several provinces.
  •   The Coordinator of several festivals in Sanaa, the most important was the Mud Festival in The Arab Forum of Art 2015. 
  •  Participant in more than one courses and workshops in the area of Art.
  •  Trained Islamic art miniatures decoration in The House of Art in Taiz, 2010.
  •  Trained Art in several centers and institutions in Yemen and Egypt.
  •   Member of the Committee of arbitration in the Competition which hosted by the Institute of yalie in the annual ceremony 39/ 2014.
  • Member of the Committee on arbitration in drawing competitions for 25 years Stronger for Child Rights organized by Equal Access, UNICEF.
  • The Chairman of the Commission on arbitration in the drawing competition, gallery and workshop about peace, Sanaa 2014.
  •  Member of the Committee on arbitration in New Horizon Institute talents competition 2014. ·
  • Member of the Committee on arbitration in the drawing competition literature established by the Yemen Reproductive Health 2016.
  • A member of the arbitration committee, Yemeni Feather contest, 2017.

*Collective posts (international).

  • Participant in the Arab Youth Biennial Cairo 2018
  • Participant in the International Art Bridge24 Workshop and Exhibition. and Nida Art Air Workshop  and Exhibition- Lithuania 2018.
  • Participant in the Fourth Balqa Art Forum Jordan2018.
  • Participant in the Arab vision exhibition Cairo2018.
  • Participant in Ambassadors of Yemeni art – Embassy of Yemen Kuwait 2018
  • Participant in the 9th International Creators Exhibition  Cairo 2018
  • Participant in 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, China 2017
  • Participant in Arabic gallery in the saqiyat Al-sawi, Cairo 2017.
  • Participant in Arabic gallery in Greek campus, Cairo 2017.
  • Participant in the gallery within an international ceremony in the American University, 2017
  • Participants in the ceremony of the gallery within the communities in 6 October University, 2017.
  • Participant in the forum of Fingerprints of the 12th international art gallery for the year 2016.
  • Participants within a gallery under the title of art peace in Ismailia, Cairo 2016. Participant within the Yemeni fine arts gallery in Cairo Opera House 2016.
  • Participant in the museum of Benetton for Small Painting Rome Italy 2015
  •   Participant in the Yemen, Qatar gallery on the occasion of Doha Capital of Arab Culture (Doha).The Chairman of the Yemeni delegation 2010.
  • The representative and Participant of Yemen in the international cultural festival of

 art miniatures decoration ,Algeria 2010

  • . The representative of Yemen. Participants in the international cultural festival of

 art miniatures decoration in Tlemcen Capital of Arab Culture, Algeria 2011.

 *Awards and medals and discretion certificates.


  • I won the second prize at the Arab Youth Biennial Cairo 2018
  • I won the first prize at the 9th International Creators Exhibition  Cairo 2018
  • Has the title of the Best Arab Figurative Artist in the world of the year 2016 - London. In addition to the Trophy and a gold medal.
  • The gold medal in the Fingerprints​ Forum 2016 and 2017
  • The award of the most beautiful painting for tourist spot in the World Tourism Organization, First place with the tourist shield 2008.
  •  Award of The most beautiful tourist spot painting in the center of Sanaa Tourist Summer, in addition of receiving the bronze medal of 2009.
  •  Award of the most beautiful tourist painting in the Festival of Sanaa Tourist Summer, Second place 2013
  • Holds the third place in fine arts in the festival of science and working ,Yemen Sanaa 2016.
  • Honorary shield from Qatari assembly on the occasion of passing 25 years, Qatar 2010. .
  • Honorary shield in the international festival for Islamic art miniatures decorations, Algeria 2010.
  • Zak Dragon: Honorary shield in The First Forum of Young Artists, Ministry of Culture, Sanaa 2008.
  • Gifted shield from Talented Academy in Hadramout  in connection with the opening of the new headquarter of the Arab Forum for Arts, 2014.
  •  Honorary shield of the Yemen  International Sempusom 2013.
  •  Number of local and international certificates of appreciation in collective participates and courses in fine art.
  • Acquire my paintings

Museum of Chinese National Art - Yemen Ministry of Culture - Taiz Governorate Building - Heritage and Cultural Development Fund Sana'a - Yemen Airline - Yemen Embassy in Cairo - Egyptian Embassy in Yemen - Saeed Foundation for Science and Culture / Taiz - Group of Companies Hael Saeed Anam -

  Total Company - Kamran Company - Sofitel Taiz hotel - and some ministers and businessmen in Yemen and the Arab world.


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