Rafiq Lahham

Country: Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian


Rafiq Laham was born in Damascus in 1931 and completed his studies there at Dar Al-Sana’a wa-l Funun.  He also studied art at the Enlac Academy and the San Giacomo Institute in Rome as well as the College of Fine Arts in Rochester, New York in the United States.  Laham is one of the founding members of the Arab Plastic Artists Association in 1971 and one of the founding members of the Jordanian Plastic Artists Association.  He represented Jordan in the international arts conference (IAA) in Amsterdam, Holland in 1969, and was awarded the Estate Prize of the Plastic Arts Association in 1993. Laham participated in the Biennale Art Festival in Latakia, Syria in 1995 where he was awarded the gold medal and first prize in Graphic Art. He also took part in the International Biennale of Cairo in 1996, as well as the 2nd Triennial Festival of Graphic Arts in Egypt the same year. Laham was awarded the gold medal and the first prize at the Muscat Festival in Oman in 1999.

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